“ Have you no thoughts on the matter?” Blushweaver finally asked.
“I try to avoid having thoughts. They lead to other thoughts, and-if you’re not careful-those lead to actions.
Actions make you tired. I have this on rather good authority from someone who once read it in a book.”
Blushweaver sighed. “You avoid thinking, you avoid me, you avoid effort… is there anything you don’t
“Breakfast. ”

—    Lightsong the Bold and Blushweaver (via kn1ghtradiant)

(via theravenchilde)


Revival Sword

  • Dated: 19th century
  • Culture: Persian
  • Measurements: overall length 97.5 cm, blade 84 cm

The sword has a straight, spear point double-edged blade decorated down its entire length with etched calligraphic text. The iron hilt has a guard in the shape of a stylized dragon head.

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European Rapier

  • Dated: circa 1600-1630
  • Culture: German
  • Measurements: overall length 108 cm (3-1/2 ft.)

The sword has twisted iron filigree fuse, terminating with braided rings at two ends. The chiseled wrought-iron mount, pommel, multi-hilt guard, knuckle-bow features foliages and animals decoration. The rapier has a pieced, asymmetric iron bi-valve shell and a straight blade with double fuller and inscription remnants.

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