“ It was quite a quarry, Harad Dakar, for almost a hundred years. The people left, finally, and then the city was hauled away, stone by stone. All faded away, and what has not gone is fading. Everything, everywhere, fading. There is hardly a nation that truly controls the land it claims on a map, and there is hardly a land that claims today on a map what it did even a hundred years ago. When the War of the Hundred Years ended, a man rode from one nation into another without end from the Blight to the Sea of Storms. Now we can ride through wilderness claimed by no nation for almost the whole of the land. We in the Borderlands have our battle with the Blight to keep us strong, and whole. Perhaps they did not have what they needed to keep them strong. You say they failed, Builder? Yes, they failed, and what nation standing whole today will fail tomorrow? We are being swept away, humankind. Swept away like flotsam on a flood. How long until there is nothing left but the Borderlands? How long before we, too, go under, and there is nothing left but Trollocs and Myrddraal all the way to the Sea of Storms? ”

—    Ingtar Shinowa; The Great Hunt, ch. 10

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INTERVIEWER: Where do you get your ideas?
BRANDON SANDERSON: I have a pet rock who, when I feed him the blood of my victims, whispers ideas to me.


This is what happens when Stephen Green and I form an unholy alliance! His sick pencil and inks, with my color. He destroyed it! #hellboy #unholyalliance #sininthesouth

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So much win in this art, discovered by geewizzard:

Artwork by Krystian Biskup

I love the idea of the journey that these images reflect. Add a few more players to the mix here and this would look awesome in my campaign.

I also like the third image here: has the hero become a villain by the end of her journey? She walks along in all of the other images with her eyes on the horizon and in the last image, she’s suddenly followed by snakes.

Are those snakes from the last temple or has she transformed over time and descended into darkness as she’s made her way along? Or maybe on her journey she has amassed enough power that she’s able to summon snakes as her companions freely?

Either way, this is awesome. :)

- Mathew out!


Kukri Kothimora Dagger

  • Dated :19th century
  • Culture: Nepalese
  • Medium: steel, black buffalo horn, wood, velvet, silver, gems.
  • Measurements: overall length: 45 cm. Blade length: 35 cm

The weapon features a recurved blade with the edge on the concave side and indentation in the shape of a half-moon in the base, near the hilt. The hilt is made of black buffalo horn.

The wooden scabbard is covered in velvet with mounts in pierced and repoussé silver with a central decoration showing the goddess Durga riding a lion. In the upper area it hides two small daggers. The whole ensemble is enriched with cut gems in cabochon cut.

It has a hanging ring and a strap in silver mail.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Caravana Collection